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India has joined the growing Asian Rugby League

Wednesday, November 2, 2011 @ 04:11 PM
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India has joined the growing Asian Rugby League fraternity which includes teams likes Japan, Singapore and Indonesia. On last week of June the newly formed Indian Rugby League Federation successfully ran their first ever district Rugby League tournament in Srinagar, Kashmir, India. The response was tremendous with 25 teams participating in male, female and youth categories.

“We got a tremendous response,” said Mr Iqbal, chairman of the Indian Rugby League Federation, “The players adjusted well to Rugby League’s different rules”.

The Indian Rugby League Federation has already set it sights on another tournament, this time involving inter-district teams.

“We’re expecting more than 8 districts to compete in this inter-district tournament,” explained Mr Iqbal.

There are already plans to create an open age male inter-state national Rugby League tournament, with the Indian Rugby League Federation’s sights set on more than ten states competing. But it is the way the Indian Rugby League Federation is taking a nationwide and grassroots approach to the development of Rugby League that is encouraging.

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