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Countrywise Football (Rugby) Leagues

Friday, December 23, 2011 @ 03:12 PM
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* Australia — Gridiron Australia is the overall governing body for American football in Australia. The country is actually divided into state-level leagues instead of one national-level league by itself: ACT Gridiron (Australian Capital Territory), Gridiron NSW (New South Wales), Gridiron Queensland (Queensland), South Australian Gridiron Association (South Australia), Gridiron Victoria (Victoria), and Gridiron West (Western Australia).

* Belgium — The Belgian Football League fields 16 teams. The finalists from the playoffs determine the champion during the Belgian Bowl.

* Brazil — The Brazilian American Football League has 14 teams partitioned into north and south conferences.

* Finland — The Vaahteraliiga or the Maple League has eight teams. The league’s name comes from the name of the championship trophy Vaahteramalja (“Maple Bowl”), which was donated to the newly formed association by the embassy of Canada in Finland.

* Germany — The German Football League has 12 teams partitioned into north and south conferences. The finalists from the playoffs determine the German champion during the German Bowl.

* Hungary — 18 registered teams participate in the MAFL’s two-division league structure. The sport has grown significantly since 2004 and with some top Division I teams participating in the CEFL.

* India — The Elite Football League of India (EFLI) is a proposed professional league in India.[46] When play begins in late 2012, there will be eight teams, representing various cities across India with populations of one million or more. The ELFI will be India’s first professional American football league, and its launch is backed by the Government of India and the Sports Authority of India.[47] All of the first season’s games will be held in Pune at the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex.

* Ireland — The Irish American Football League consists of 14 teams. Its championship game is the Shamrock Bowl.

* Israel — Games are governed by the Israeli Football League.

* Italy — The Italian Football League was founded in 2008, taking over previous league (National Football League Italy). It has 9 teams for the 2010 season.

* Japan — The X-League is a professional league with 60 teams in four divisions, using promotion and relegation. After the post-season playoffs, the X-League champion is determined in the Japan X Bowl. There are also over 200 universities fielding teams, with the national collegiate championship determined by the Koshien Bowl. The professional and collegiate champions then face each other in the Rice Bowl to determine the national champion.

* Mexico — The ONEFA is a college league with 26 teams in 3 conferences.

* New Zealand — American Football Wellington comprises five teams located in the Wellington area.

* Norway — A rising number of teams (11 in 2010) compete in a two division league structure (division I which determines a national champion by a postseason playoff, and division 2 where newer and smaller teams are allowed to mature). Two teams (Oslo Vikings and Eidsvoll 1814s) regularly compete in either the European Football League or the EFAF Cup. Eidsvoll was the runner-up in EFAF Cup 2006.

* Poland — Games are governed by the Polish American Football League.

* Serbia — Teams in the Nacionalna Liga Srbije compete in the Serbian Bowl.

* Spain — The LNFA was founded in 1995, and currently consists of 15 clubs.

* United Kingdom — 70 amateur teams play in the BAFA Community Leagues (BAFACL) across a number of age ranges. The senior (adult) league has three levels: the Premiership, comprising six teams; Division 1, comprising 18 teams split across three regional conferences; and Division 2, comprising 23 teams split across four regional conferences. While the lower level teams have their own championship games during BritBowl Weekend, only Premier Division teams face each other in the BritBowl which is held in Worcester’s Sixways Stadium. Unlike the NFL, the BAFACL season is played through the summer (April to September), with the British university season spanning the autumn and winter.

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